Ecological Management Group offer the following services, follow the links for indepth information:

[+] Wildlife-Environmental Research Group (see sub section)

Ecological Management Group can undertake a variety of focused wildlife research activities involving individual species or ecological communities. The company prides itself on using integrative scientific techniques to produce accurate and reliable reports and publications in answer to specific wildlife and environmental issues and management concerns. Research staff in Ecological Management Group have undertaken a wide variety of scientific research projects in Irish, UK and wider European contexts that have included work on species such as otter, badger, mink, pine marten, seals, ungulates, red fox, small mammals, wolf, European rabbit, Irish hare, owls and others.

Delivery Mechanisms (outlined below) for our scientific research service are provided through an integrated hierarchical system promoting complete wildlife research programs from instigation and analysis to research publication.

     [+] Project initiation, quality assurance and statistical integrity
     [+] Ecological Surveys
     [+] Direct Wildlife Research Activities
     [+] Application of GIS models and analysis
     [+] Database integration and management

[+] Independent advisory and scientific interpretation service
Scientific research as applied to wildlife ecology and environmental management is becoming increasingly complex. Ecological Management Group scientists can independently assess the value of research projects and provide clear, concise and accurate synopsis of results.

[+] Environmental Consultancy support Activities
These services are provided to assist and extend the capabilities of Environmental Consultancies through our specialist knowledge.

[+] Independent auditing of wildlife/environmental management strategies for government, NGOs and other relevant organisations
The end product of applied wildlife and environmental research, such as that undertaken by Ecological Management Group, is often used as a basis for action in terms of conservation status or monitoring of species or populations. We provide an independent auditing service of such research – a vital component of informed management based decisions.